Top Gun Kennels offers customized training to meet your hunting needs.

Bob has been in the training business for 40+ years and has learned multiple ways to accomplish each task.  He sits down with each owner and covers how you hunt, where you hunt, what your hunting style is and what you want from your hunting companion.  With this information, Bob is then able to create a training program to fit your needs while maintaining the natural characteristics of your pet.

Our goal at Top Gun Kennels is to assess the natural personality of your dog so that we can maintain her temperament while training.

Let Top Gun Kennels train your dog right here in Marquette County.  We can not only meet your upland training needs but we can do it right here in the heart of grouse country in Michigan.  Come and enjoy what Marquette County has to offer while dropping your dog off at Top Gun Kennels.

We offer a variety of training sessions.

Your dog can stay at Top Gun Kennels, Bob will train the dog and you can visit whenever time allows.  At the end of the training session, when you pick your dog up, Bob will spend time bringing you up to speed.

You can book training sessions once a week for 6 weeks.  You bring your dog to Top Gun Kennels once a week for approximately an hour, Bob will work with you to demonstrate your lesson for the week and then you will return home to do your homework with your dog.

We also offer group training classes at Listening Inn in Crystal Falls.  The training group is a good environment to spend quality time with your dog, learn lessons from Bob and from the other class participants as well as meeting some new friends with a similar interest and passion in upland bird dog hunting with a companion bird dog.